Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are you prepared?

Good morning !
Today as i was going  my s.o.a.p on Matthew 4:8-9
Gave me a wake up call we all know the devil temps us , but this came alive to me today , Who are we if he will temp Jesus!! The messiah king of the world how much more will he try to kill, still , and destroy us daily!
Its so important to stay in Gods word seek him daily , his word is our weapon to overcome temptations against loss, evil and the things that look appealing , all he has is lies ! He knows the outcome that's why hes consitant while were still on earth to distract us pull us down , Don't give in remember Jesus died for you, remember his love his blessings his rewards is far better than things that don't last .
Stay in Gods word hide it in your hearts to overcome temptations of the world that the devils sneaks in , his lies his evilness
He comes to still kill n destroy us daily
Be prepared don't be caught off guard!
His word prepares us and strengthens us!!
Stay blessed Live Loved
Shantel xoxo

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Open my Eyes : Psalms 17-24

Good morning .
So in this passage we see the psalmist pleading for the Lord to open his eyes to see wondrous things in scripture.
And as I meditate on this it got me thinking how much we would gain to fully understand and saw all that has already been given to us in scripture his words.

We see him in many roles in these verses , the student v17 , the student v18, the sojourner v19 , the sufferer v23
But through it all our comfort and our counsler is scripture!
As servents we submit and are satisfied by his word, as students we desire to seek and know after his word ,
As sojourners we are refreshed and strengthen by his word , as sufferers we are comforted and counseled by his word .
No matter where we are in this life , His word is what We NEED.

Just wanted to share this morning my prayer is for my spiritual eyes to be open in all situations in life
To know Jesus , to be blessed through his word to be filled up to over flow to others in Jesus name amen

Stay blessed . Lived Loved .
Xoxo shantel

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Todays bread

Psalms 19:14 (KJV) Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Where does your identity lie?

Morning friends ,
So today something in my spirit was woken by these words " who am I how do I find me , where does my identity lie? " as this time of year lotsbof festives happen gatherings, parties , shopoing, new years Eve  .
Lots of good feelings , sad feelings lots of emotions arise from nowhere !
So got me thinking and Even more when my dad asked me a question , since then I've been shaken inside ,it grabbed me . and the scripture kept coming into mind friends with the world is a enemy with God.
Some things don't seem harmful but then when we commit to following Jesus and still want some things of the world how does that work?
Take me to Solomon in eccelastics
And his wise words , we have earthly and heavenly wisdom
The search for fitting it being called all comes down its meaningless to focus on that more then Gods word his call
So in the mist of all this in my spirit last past week and today while being still this in my bible popped in my mind
MY IDENTITY IN CHRIST , who am I in Christ?
Taken some time go through these passages  and see who you are in Christ claim it receive it
Do let the worlds identity fool you see what God has to say!
Stay blessed lived loved
Xoxo Shantel
Scriptures in photo

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Little recap

Hey y'all!
Yeah its been a long minute forsure.,
All I can say is life happends and distractions arise , but its our choice how we react , its our choice to stay down or to rise up and contuie toward the goal the journey.
For the past 8 wks me and a few women have bee studying the book of ecclesiastes Solomons wisdom ,his earthy and heavenly wisdom
And how he had it all and still was searching never full never happy ,
So as the study can to a close got me thinking that yes we all have choices free will to make decisions based on our perspective or Gods perspective ,
In our daily lives throughout the day many arise bug and small and its hard overwhelming yes! Weary tiresome But all these feelings come from our perspective not Gods .
When we involve him that's when the joy comes and over takes our messy messes even in the mists of choas Just life he fills us up puts a pep in our step being a wife a mom a daughter a friend a aunt a Women of God !
Remember life is not perfect not a movie all put together and always good times , but its messy hard happy sad reality real life God didn't say it would be easy and perfect But only to follow him. when we invite Gods perspective into our daily lives that's when the change comes the pep in our step the joys comes the faith grows the truth his word over takes our issues and the praise comes the meaning comes for our life when we follow Jesus
And stop with our way .
Anything without Godly wisdom and Jesus is meaningless chasing after the wind in the words of Solomon.

So today's encouragement is for as all to remember what's it all about and how to handle matters as they sneak in our daily lives and try to keep us down.
Stay blessed Live Loved
Shantel xoxo

Monday, November 21, 2016


I recently heard about dressember and fell in love with this amazing organization ,
first i thought hmm maybe dresses right?
well dressember is supporting a cause women sex trafficing by donating but not just donating but waring a dress each day of december showing support , even choose once a week to ware a dress to support and be reminded your helping fight this cause!
we all hear about sex trafficked women, teens even young girls, and its heart breaking as a mom of 2 beautiful daughters this issue hits home and i would do anything to help to try to stop this terrible horrorfiing event that happens every day.
Awhile back i remember this was happening to different targets to moms and daughters while shopping , and i was devastated , fearful and saddened by the terrible acts of people in this world.
I even stoped shopping to target my way of so what preventing it for my family 
The thought of someones child, daughter, mother, sister , friend, aunt, abducted and sold for someone's pleasure ughhh there is no words to say , sad, angry tormented .
So when i seen this Dressember and knew i can help some way toward this horrifying event i was yes sign me up!
so i urge you ,ask you to support and share dressember  because alone we can't make a change BUT together we can! Ecc 4:9-10 
click the link below to donate :) God bless

Also whichever day you decide to ware a dress post a selfie #dressember !!!! 
Lived Loved Stay blessed .