Monday, November 21, 2016


I recently heard about dressember and fell in love with this amazing organization ,
first i thought hmm maybe dresses right?
well dressember is supporting a cause women sex trafficing by donating but not just donating but waring a dress each day of december showing support , even choose once a week to ware a dress to support and be reminded your helping fight this cause!
we all hear about sex trafficked women, teens even young girls, and its heart breaking as a mom of 2 beautiful daughters this issue hits home and i would do anything to help to try to stop this terrible horrorfiing event that happens every day.
Awhile back i remember this was happening to different targets to moms and daughters while shopping , and i was devastated , fearful and saddened by the terrible acts of people in this world.
I even stoped shopping to target my way of so what preventing it for my family 
The thought of someones child, daughter, mother, sister , friend, aunt, abducted and sold for someone's pleasure ughhh there is no words to say , sad, angry tormented .
So when i seen this Dressember and knew i can help some way toward this horrifying event i was yes sign me up!
so i urge you ,ask you to support and share dressember  because alone we can't make a change BUT together we can! Ecc 4:9-10 
click the link below to donate :) God bless

Also whichever day you decide to ware a dress post a selfie #dressember !!!! 
Lived Loved Stay blessed .

Thursday, November 17, 2016

New items in etsy shop


Good morning .. Today's devotion
Ecc 4:7-12 got me thinking and realizing the importance of friendships, fellowships, companionships in the Lord .

How valuable friendships , fellowships are
Were not meant to do it alone but hep encourage lift up one another in the Lord

Vs12 a cord of three strands is not quickly broken!
God centered friendships this is so awesome and important
Me , you, and Jesus the center of it ❤

*friendship is the one area that ecclesiastics never calls meaningless
* the value of friendship , companionship are the foucas of these verses
* the selfish individual works alone in completion with others
He misses the reward of companionship , friendships
*God himself realized from the beginning our need for fellowship , companionship with others.

So much value in connecting through Jesus that's why the devil trys to break up friendships separates the best of friends .
... Hmm then if some friendships were broken they didn't hold tight maybe
They weren't God centerd ....
Really makes me thinks
Different seasons do come !
According to Gods purpose.

Stay blessed  Live Loved
Shantel xo

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

She Laughs Creations

Afternoon  everyone ,
I'm blessed to announce
She Laughs jewelry
Handmade by myself , A unique and adorable way to share your faith with the world .
And um yes who don't love jewelry!
Stop by my etsy shop
I have more designs and colors I didn't post  yet .
You can buy on etsy or contact me deedts
Thanks for your support in advance and help share Jesus with the world
Xoxo stay blessed Live Loved
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Do you listen well ?

Hey y'all
I've been wanting to do this series for a while it's for a husbands and wives But not only married couples but anyone as these issues will also be come with people in our lives at times  in different situations  just some Godly wisdom and advice through his scripture and thoughts on the subjects we come across
To help us and give us some Godly advice The Godly way to handle them as they arise
As I've been Reding and studying the love launges.

So todays topic
What's that you say?
Most of us share our ideas much too soon we talked before we have really listened according to one study the average person listens only 17 seconds before interrupting the speaker. The Book of Job gives many illustrations of poor listening. As joke suffered with illness grief and loss he maintained his good standing before God. But his friends brushed him off and instead that he must have committed some great sin for God to allow him to suffer so much finally after enduring many speeches job became Fed Up we can hear his frustration in
Job 31:35 if only someone would listen to me.
Good listeners will never share their ideas until they are sure that they understand what the other person is saying in marriage this is extremely important ask questions repeat what you think your spouse is saying and acts in my understanding you if your spouse says yes then and only then are you ready to move on you might say I really appreciate you being open with me now that I understand where you're coming from can I share with you what I was thinking your spouse will hear your perspective because you have first taking the time to really hear what he or she is saying.
So in these situations they come up I found it is best to take some time to pray as couples or individually as well to emphasize to the Lord you want to be a good and thoughtful listener axon to help you refrain from expressing your opinions too soon or too strongly rudely even asks him to give you ears to listen well not only speaking well.
A couple more scriptures to help us with further studying on listening are
Proverbs 15 :2 Ecclesiastes 5:2 and James 1:19

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The source of Graitiude

Good morning .
Today I wanted to share Ive started the this little 2week study of graitiude
Today's my 3rd day and I'm so blewn away of who our God is !
Knowing who he is more each day his characteristics more as he reveals whonhe is through his word .
I'm so greatful for this study and most importantly for my GOD ! My rock my foundation never changing always their when I call upon him!
Their is none like him

He's full of mercy, his greatness full of love, full of grace, compassion towards us , full of wisdom and power
Deserves our praises!
Our God is strong , enduring, trustworthy!

Third day and already so much I've never acknowledge before
About my God ,  i love the soap method of study its life changing!
Thank you Jesus for revealing your self to me .

So this study leads to thanksgiving morning , since this is the month for thankfulness
Anyine can join me. Just follow the deets on the photo and write down each day ,
This study isn't just for thanksgiving do it anytime , I know I will often to be reminded of the mighty God we serve!!

Stay blessed Live Loved

 Bible Study: Source of Gratitude
A 2-week Love God Greatly study...
When we think of thankfulness, we typically look to temporary things: our health, our family, the food on our table… all wonderful things to give thanks for! But the heart of gratitude should stem from a much deeper place…
The first week of this study takes a closer look at who God is and what He has done. This solid foundation will inspire you for the second week of study, when you’ll have the opportunity to examine what your response should be.

Friday, November 11, 2016


So todays reflection on the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Their is a time for everything different seasons of life

Solomon describes each season of life ,
He don't tell us how to handle each one

We can't control the timing of seasons But we can do is recognize the timing
And contuie to praise God through each one

Its our responsibility to notice Gods timing not change it

To accept and cooorate with Gods timing
Our alignment with Gods timing makes a great difference

God has put eternity in our hearts so we must trust Gods timing

We must live in harmony with the flow of life through each season as it comes and know it's Gods timing for it.

Stay blessed Live Loved