Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friendships, Fellowship ,Focus, Finding your way Isn't always Greener !

 Hey friends , okay so for past weeks my brain has been on high speed , my thoughts has been all over the place due to different family issues and feeling spiritually drying out,
to be more clear all the wants and desires to grow, study connect with women of the Lord is still a hugh prayer , but the reality is as i praying for guidance for God to lead me into my calling for him i feel lonely, like spiritually needing to be fueled lifted up encouraged ,
and as i have said before connecting and growing with women finding friendships through Jesus around where I live its dry, the more i try connect it seems farthest to find it, as a friend said to me the grass isn't always greener on the other side , which it totally true but yet overlooked at times,
reason said i always say i wish i lived in vacaville ca, their are many amazing things happening their between God , women, friendships, growth, all i desire.
i have family and friends who live there and are involved , anyways my point is maybe my desires aren't Gods desires for me? ever feel that way? or timing is wrong,
but as i reminded the enemy blinds our focus  one of his ploys to attack us to keep our focus off of Jesus! this was a past book club read I've learned this from Fervert amazing book, tool to have ,
well the grass isn't greener made all this rush back,  and reminded me to focus on Jesus totally and all will fall place according to his will his plan.
in a study I'm doing it talks about God chooses people to put in our path to help get us to his plan our calling, Im praying for my spiritual eyes to be open to his chosen for me ,
I will continue to pray to fellowship and connect with women of God wherever there from All Gods timing,
after reading awake lioness by lisa bever and the chapter about friendships how important for women to connect , to lift up, to encourage each other in the Lord and the book Giddy up eunice because women need each other by sophia hudson
its amazing how The Lord set it all up.

i just want to share a little what was on my brain and remind us all the important thing keep our focus to Jesus and all will follow as he sees fit according to his plan , and yes the grass looks greener in other places but thats not the truth, looks can be deceiving , Just was God used Jael well he used her right where she was !  ( her story judges 4-5) also look a my last post
thanks friends
Live Loved & stay blessed Shantel.

Dauhters of Grace ~ Jael

Wow , okay so before today I have never knew this womens story
Jael , what a story I'm blewn away
Her story is in judges 4-5
Jael has taught me ,
To be fearless , listen to God , don't give up your beliefs for anyone ,
Keep standing firm in the LORD.
Sometimes were not sure what God has in store for us all we need to know is be strong , be willing , be ready when he calls .
Women are used for Gods greatness we need to remember

At times we think God can't use us their is more qualified women ready , But God will use us where we are with the gifts and talents he has given us for his glory.
He only ask for us to surrender to him !

"He will use us right where we are , because it is where he has called us to be"
Jael was obedient to God even when her husband was was with evils plan
Jael did what she had to to.

Read more and study her story it's shocking but amazing

Stay blessed & Live Loved xoxo

Saturday, October 22, 2016

God is Love .. AHA moment

So this morning as in judges study I'm so amazed and in awe of how much God Loves us.
The more time I spend in his word it amazes me how great our king is so loving , so forgiving, full of mercy ,grace even when were not deserving of it,
He will never stop fighting for us !!
I'm very thankful for knowing that as I'm shown that through his breath , his word .
judges 2:16 it says
Nevertheless the lord raised up judges who delivered them out of the hand of those who plundered them.

As I readed this passage a couple times and doing the soak method study , it was a real wow moment for me ,

When were not obedient, in the world, or serving him as we should , when we stray ,
He is their! Wont let us go fighting for us to bring us back to him
Ready to forgive us with open arms full of grace, mercy, love
Still sending people to help us get back on the right track in the journey for his plan his purpose!

I don't know about y'all but wow that's a aha moment , our king is always their never leaving us always fighting for us even when we don't deserve it!!!
Thank you my Jesus!!!!

Stay blessed Shantel xoxo

Friday, October 21, 2016

God choses

Good morning,
so today as im embarking on judges i came across a passage
judges 1:2 it stood out to ne the nore times i readed it,
that when were confused , lost, dont know what to do , who to look to for guidence,
God does!  he always has us a plan
and already chose the right person, people to lead us to guide us through our journey accourding to his plan and purpose .
Aint that awesome God our father always has us watching us , leading us, But the the key is being willing to his will no matter what ,
so today i pray for as all to be willing for our spiritual eyes and hearts open to see who God chose to lead us along our journey for his plan
thank you Jesus for thy will be done
in Jesus name i pray amen
stay blessed xoxo shantel

Thursday, October 20, 2016

James study

Good morning .
So as my study of the book of James came to an end , and I sat and just reflectireflecting on the study going over the soak method in the study journal ,
I am thankful for James and the wisdom and help he has told us about with the holy spirit leading his words and messages to us,
I come see the purpose in James,
To examine ourselves for evidence of faith , To be doers or the word not hearers only.
It sure doesn't come easy , But the more time we spend with Jesus in his word it changes us!
Then it comes natural
When we draw near to God he draws near to us,
Isn't that amazing !!

Teachings in James
Our faith without actions is dead.
Taming the tounge.
Our faith tested.
Warning to the rich.
Hearing and doing.
Prayer of faith.

Key verse James 1:22
"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only "

I wanted to share a few points in James such a amazing book , study and soaking it in , thank you Jesus!
God bless friends
Shantel xoxo

Thursday, October 6, 2016

First things First .. Pray!

Good morning friends .
Today was I was reading my devotional this really hit home
Basied from acts 1:12-26
After Jesus descended to heaven the apostles returned to Jerusalem went upstairs and peter addressed them talking about the scriptures being fulfilled about Judas betraying Jesus
And they needed a replacement
They had a decision to make  between Joseph called barsabbas or Matthias ,
What did they do next? PRAY!!!
They prayed to Jesus  for direction guidance on choosing the one that Jesus has chose.

Were all faced with decions daily some small some big but do we always pray 1st ? I'll be honest not always right ,
My question is how much time do you do I spend in a difficult  situation?

As they waited and prayed  (key) after Jesus said they will be baptized with the holy spirit .

When were faced with difficult task , important decisions, dilemma's, Don't rush hoping all will be well
Instead first step should be pray for the holy spirits power and guidance.

Thank you Jesus for the holy spirit our helper our teacher.
Lead us guide us direct us Jesus!

Stay blessed
Xoxo Shantel.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Its time , its real

Good morning friends.
Today I was scrolling on fb and came across this video
Please watch friends


It left me in a awe state , a wow moment Jesus is real and coming back its time for as all to get on track forgive let go move forward for Jesus! Its real , I pray for true encounter with the Lord for as all
For soften hearts. For kindness for forgiveness, to step out and step up!

As shared in the video about fb posts its so true what we say or share post on Facebook it effects so many people , made me think wow Lord something I've never realized before I'm accountable for the impact on people from what I share or say!
Wow  , let's all #sharejesus and make a positive impact
And I'll add I'm sorry for anything posted over the years with a wrong impact Lord forgive me im sorry Jesus to you and to anyone It affected..
Stay blessed xoxo shantel

Please watch this video !!