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A little Info on ❤ my Journey

Hi everyone welcome   let me start by saying this is a step out in faith! I've had other blogs before 1 for beauty and other one I still use just 4 sharing  lifestyle things family kids cooking all the Norms that come along with daily life but lately for the past couple of months something changed in me I started digging into God's word more and seeking his face and kind of seeking him on the direction of my life my calling my purpose
so the more I've been doing that and  reading different books and doing different studies and a amazing woman has been mentoring me for the last couple months and it's just opened up a whole new window for me and I'm very thankful for her !!
so the more I get into God's word and my passion has been rising.  Out  all things beauty I am a complete stationery geek I love writing I love pens paper I love journaling and  i found to use it for Jesus involve him in my passions things i enjoy lately a huge part of my passion is becomi…

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