Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Upcoming Fall Book Study

Hi friends how are you I know it's been way too long. Life and things just happened busy month of August and September I hope all you guys are doing well and getting ready for an amazing upcoming study starting September 28th chasing God by Angie Smith
Everyone is welcome to join us!!
Near or far just pick up your copy will have online discussions and meet ups if you would like to attend!
I'm really looking forward to this read I believe and feel its Gods timing to dig into this book
God bless you all and hope to have y'all with us this book study
Stay blessed  Shantel xoxo

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

He will Cover us

Good morning friends!
So as I came across this scripture today looking at feathers it popped up Psalms 91:4
So I grabbed my bible and looked it up in the a few versions
And I was taken by this passage
The niv version as I did journaling it was soaking in deeper n deeper

He will cover you with his feathers
And under his wings you will find refuge
His faithfulness will be you shield and rampant

As I read it over and over its sinking in its our protection our promise from Jesus our king our inhairantce
Daily 24/7 for ourselves our family our friends every situation every battle!!!!
I'm so blessed and thankful to Jesus for his love his promises he never takes them away their always their dangling for us to pull down and receive !
We need to active them daily through prayer and praise worship our Lord Jesus he's so amazing he is alive and  present with us never leaves us
Wooo thank you Jesus lord I love you and am solo very thankful for you shield of protection daily
Thank you Lord when that veil was torn we have access to you in your presence all times!!!!!
Thank you Jesus.

As my post turned into praise to Jesus join me give him it all he deserves it all every day even when we mess up his grace is their keep running the race !!
Have a blessed day
Xoxo shantel

Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Marks

Hi friends .
So this just kinda
Happend  as I was organizing all my bible journalist supplies I had a idea and just wanted to share with you all .
These are so fun cute and simple to make.
Paper clips cute cutouts and qoutes scriptures on the back
Ready to use ! And they Look adorable
Great little touch for bible journaling book reading bible reading and yes my fave planners!
I love the message It sends out and cute to look at!
I'm so excited for all the fun diys bible journaling and coloring in store all for Jesus!!!
Questions interested just ask .
Stay blessed
Shantel xoxo

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Only God

Good morning friends
Okay so as I'm reading
Having a Martha home the Mary way
Wow let me tell you its so amazing so true and hits it all
They points Mrs Sarah Mae makes and the scriptures shared ! Completely blessed and all the glory to our Jesus he's so awesome and loving thank you Jesus
So as I read this passage in the book it really hit home and blessed me so much I felt the need to share :)

Christ did the work on the cross, The Holy Spirit continues the work in our lives,  Our job? To surrender to him and walk faithfully one day at a time.

So true! At times we try our way and were left in a bigger mess and overwhelmed . But were Gods children he has us at all times! Its not our Job  ain't that awesome news ?!
All we have to do is surrender and The holy spirit does the work until Jesus comes to take us home!

Psalms 16:5
My choice is you God, first and only

1thess 5:23
Now may the God of peace himself
Sanctify you entirely

Have a blessed day and remember Jesus is always here with us
We just need to give it all to him
Every day!
Xoxo shantel

Saturday, August 6, 2016

My journaling bible

Hey friends!
Okay so I've finished the tabs on my journal bible!
And I just love it its so beautiful to look at and a time of worship to Jesus
They fill smooth with lamated feel the ink won't budge 

its easy to flip through it just a touch of creative outlet which I love and spending time with the lord!
The journal bible I use is the leather wrap NIV journal edition
I do wish It was available in nkjv wich is my fave but I do love this beautiful bible .
Do you journal? Interested? Its such a great time of worship and creativity blended together! So beautiful
Any questions feel free to ask
Also check out
Academic brag tags on etsy for journal tabs and more
Allison is awesome and so talented
Stay blessed and have a happy day xoxo Shantel

Bible journaling tabs

How beautiful are there journaling tabs ! I'm so excited and blessed to recieve them from my friend Allison she makes these and tons more she has a etsy shop called 
Academic brag tags
So beautiful one side solid color other side print
Just peel and stick .
I'll be posting more and showing y'all the result as soon as I finish adding them to my journal
Just wanted to share and give her a shout out!
Thanks girl 😊
Stay blessed everyone
Xoxo Shantel

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Augest Read for book club!

Good morning friends hope everyone's having a blessed day so I'm excited to share with you guys our new Reed for August and by Sarah Mae Having a Martha home the mary way
This book couldn't have come at a better time I've been completely busy with painting with rug cleaning out rooms rearranging my kids as both rooms and I just really need a balance and spending time with Jesus as well as doing my chores so I can't wait for 31 days to a clean house and a satisfied soul really looking forward to it!
The story of Mary and Martha is one of my favorites inspiring how we do get caught up in life with our daily chores and just like being a mom or wife and work and everything together we're always caught up in the busyness and Mary had it right she just let everything go and just sat at Jesus's feet and it's a nice reminder that that's what we need to do in our busy lives that's just stop and make room for the Lord because it's all about him we don't want to miss what he has for us with opportunities people and our past certain words hearing his voice and just being refreshed and his his grace his Mercy his forgiveness his loving as his kindness and that's what it's all about my friends it's joy in the Lord and that is our true Joy true strength true courage deserves to be praise and worship so I'm really excited for this readread to balance the busyness and life!

Reading details...
Starts August 1st
It's listed as day 1 Day 2 and so one to 31 days so we'll be reading it each day and each day has a couple Pages as far as the book
Includes Mary challenges scripture to read and reflect questions
And the Martha challenge cleaning ideas!!

Anyone welcome to join our book  club comment below or contact me
Its a group of women fellowship lifting up inspireing others and encourageing in the Lord
Our meet ups at weekly more details contact me thanks!
Have a blessed day
Xoxo shantel